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Chicago, Illinois, USA!

One of America’s most iconic cities, Chicago, is a place with a rich history and a vibrant present. Famous for stockyards, gangsters and blues music, this hub of the Midwest was where the world’s first skyscrapers were built. Modern-day visitors can also enjoy the beaches on the shores of Lake Michigan, as well as a very warm welcome. All you need is some single trip travel insurance and a positive attitude.

aerial view of Chicago

Home of the Blues

Chicago is an exciting city for anyone who is interested in culture and the arts, especially American culture. The city occupies a unique place in American popular culture, being considered the home of electric blues, a genre which influenced an entire generation of British rockers, who then re-exported the music back to the US during the ‘British Invasion’. African-Americans were drawn to Chicago in the 19th century, due to its more tolerant attitudes to race relations than many other places. This has left a rich legacy of music, which visitors can explore at Willie Dixon’s Blues Heaven Foundation, the former location of Chess Records.

A Free Laugh or Two

As well as music, Chicago is also known for having a tradition of comedy performance. The likes of John Belushi, Gilda Radner and Mike Myers cut their comic teeth in the city, performing with a troupe known as The Second City. Visitors can see the current members of the troupe, occasionally augmented by previous alumni, perform for free every night except Friday. The club is located at 1616 North Wells Street.

Sporting Legends

Chicago possesses some of America’s iconic sports teams. The Chicago Bears NFL side play at the famous Soldier Field, while the Chicago Bulls basketball outfit are one of the NBA’s best known clubs. They play at the United Center on the Near West Side. The Chicago Cubs are a baseball team with a long history, and visitors can take in one of their games at Wrigley Field. They enjoy a rivalry with the Chicago White Sox, whose home ground is located at Cellular Park, in Bridgeport. The two three-game series held between the teams each year is one of the hottest sporting tickets in the USA.

Beach Life

There are no admission fees on any of the city’s beaches, bordering Lake Michigan. As well as the beaches, visitors can also enjoy the wonderful views from Hyde Park’s Promontory Point. A lakeside walk is a great way to bring down the curtain on an exciting day in Chicago.

If you’re from abroad, make sure to look into securing an ESTA visa before entering the states though. Save yourself some headache and apply before showing up at the airport.

The Best Time To Visit Tulum, Mexico

Get the most out of your vacation at one of the Yucatan Peninsula’s earliest resort areas, by knowing the best time to visit Tulum. It may not be Cancun, but its picturesque coastlines and pristine beaches have made it a place of worship and relaxation by Mayan kings, clergy and gods in the early times.  And up to today, it’s one of the most visited resort towns in the country, with its famous Mayan ruins and breathtaking beaches.

But knowing the best time to visit Tulum can spare you the hassle of dealing with high hotel prices, huge swarms of tourists and hurricane season.  Here’s a guide:

Mayan ruins in tulum

January to March.  During this time, temperatures are at its peak, ranging from high 60s to high 80’s and the chances are rain are very slim.  It’s also the peak season where the ruins and the beaches are jam packed with tourists and hotel prices soar.  Though, with a little digging, you will be able to find good deals.

April to June.  During late spring, the temperatures continue to rise, but the prices of accommodation start to fall, except when the famous Cinco de Mayo festival is fast approaching.

July to September.  Hurricane season may mean low hotel prices, but it may also mean having to check the weather every once in a while.  During this time, there’s a big chance that you might get caught in a bad storm.  But even if there isn’t any hurricane or storm in the horizon, expect to have your itinerary ruined by sweltering temperatures and frequent rains.

October to December.  The best time to visit Tulum is when the hurricane season has passed and the temperature falls down to around low 80’s.  But do plan ahead.  Come early winter-time, tourists from the U.S. start swarming in Tulum during this time to escape the freezing cold of winter in the United States.  But you can save a great deal if you make reservations and book flights upon the start of the winter season.

Top Things To Do In Samoa

The top things to do in Samoa guarantee an unforgettable vacation for both honeymooners and families alike.  This island nation in the South Pacific Ocean which is part of Polynesia has beautiful beaches and great landscapes thanks to the countless volcanic cones you can see all over the main islands.  Samoa has a pleasant tropical climate, making it a great place escape the harsh cold winters in the southern hemisphere.

If you’re looking forward to a vacation here, here are some of the top things to do in Samoa:

beach in Samoa

Learn the basic Samoan language.  Knowing a little Samoan will help you ease your way into the hearts of the locals, even it’s only how to say “Hi” and “Thank You”.  Here are some of the phrases to get you started:

Talofa – Hello.

Faafetai – Thank you.

O a mai oe? – How are you?

Get a Samoan Tattoo.  One must get a Samoan tattoo, as a way of sealing your experience in the island nation.  This traditional art form is very much part of the Samoan culture.  So if you can bare the pain, ask your hotel for recommendations on the best place to get a Samoan tattoo.

Remember that designs for men and women are different.  Samoan tattoo for men may cover half the body.

Get Married.  What’s more romantic than getting married in Samoa?  With its beautiful beaches and great sunsets, it’s hard not to fall in love with the island nation.  There are several hotels and resorts offering special packages for weddings and honeymoons.  So take the chance, fall inlove and get married in Samoa.

Scuba diving.  It’s no surprise that scuba diving is one of the top things to do in Samoa.  The surrounding waters are abundant in sea life and colourful coral reefs, especially in Upolu and Savai’i.  with around 900 species of fish and 200 types of corals, Samoa’s waters are an underwater paradise that’s worth discovering.

Sample local food.  Samoan cuisines make use of ingredients which are not familiar to westerners.  So it’s important that you do try out some of local delicacies when you’re in Samoa.  Some of the most common dishes in Samoan cuisine are pork, fish, taro or breadfruit cooked in Umu style, or over hot stones and covered in banana leaves until cooked, and Oka, or raw fish marinated in a mixture of lemon juice, coconut cream, salt and finely chopped onions.

Five Tips for Finding Cheap Airfare

When planning a trip or vacation, airfare can be the most expensive part of your planning. There are many factors that can make airfare daunting such as excess fees, expensive food, delayed flights, layovers and crowded cabins.

Honestly, there really isn’t an easy way to finding cheap airfare. To get the cheapest deal you have to shop around for the lowest price. However, there are tips for finding cheap airfare to reduce costs.

finding cheap airfare

Buy Your Tickets Early

The best tip for finding cheap airfare is to buy them way ahead of time. The sooner you buy your tickets, the cheaper the price. Keep in mind that airfare prices usually go up about two weeks before a scheduled flight. As well, airfare can be extremely expensive during peak travel times.

Oftentimes you can get tickets at half the cost by purchasing a month or two in advance. If you are booking a flight overseas, then it is best to buy your tickets three to six months in advance.

Buy Your Tickets Late

Oftentimes you can buy tickets at the last minute at a very low price. This is because airlines usually get several cancelations and need to fill the seat(s). You will have to be flexible with your dates and itinerary but it can be well worth the price. Just keep in mind that you take a chance in availability.

Many airlines also have weekly newsletters that offer last minute specials. Additionally, check sites that specialize in last minute flights such as and

Always Shop Around

It is always best to shop around even if the first fare you see is at a reduced price. There are several reputable online travel providers you can check for prices such as Cheap Tickets, Travelocity, airfare watchdog, Independent Traveler and Trip Advisor. Also check the airlines, sometime they will guarantee the lowest fares. As well, airlines will occasionally run special sales or promotions.

If the prices seem too high, wait a few days and then check them again. Sometimes the prices will go down. In addition, many major booking sites will send an email alert when your fare is at a reduced price that you are comfortable with.

Know When to Buy Your Tickets

It is easy to keep on searching for the best price and delay purchasing your ticket(s). Buy waiting for the cheapest fare is not always advisable. As you will find, the prices can vary from day to day. If you wait to long the fare prices will remain high.
Fortunately there are companies that can assist you in selecting the best time to book a flight and help you make a decision such as Bing Travel. If you are traveling in the US or to a select international destination, Bing Travel can offer fare predictions for most major cities. Another great site that offers fare history graphs for US and international flights is

Also bear in mind that most airlines typically have their sales on Tuesdays. Instead of buying your tickets on Monday, the best tips for finding cheap airfare are to just wait one day.

Remember to be Flexible

If you live in a large city with more than one airport then check out all fares at all of the nearby airports. The prices can vary a great deal. Other tips for finding cheap airfare are to be flexible with your travel dates. Sometimes a month, week or even a day can make a huge difference in cost. As well, keep in consideration peak travel times because they are the most expensive. Additionally, the best days to book the lowest fare are typically on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Top Reasons To Visit Rwanda

While seeing the silverback gorillas is the main highlight in  visiting Rwanda, there’s more to this African country than these gentle giants, as the top reasons to visit Rwanda prove.  Officially called the Republic of Rwanda, this country flanked by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo has a varied landscape, ranging from mountains to savannah plains with lakes dotting the entire country.

And while it may not be your idea of a dream destination, the top reasons to visit Rwanda may make you want to consider this underrated travel destination on your next trip to Africa:

hills in Rwanda

It’s the land of a thousand hills.  And the country surely lives up to its name.  With mountains beyond mountains beyond mountains, Rwanda is a sight to behold.  Imagine seeing a breath-taking panorama of mountains surrounded by Rwanda’s famous floating mists.  It’s like being in heaven, only you’re alive and holding a camera to capture that priceless moment forever.

It’s clean, and virtually safe.  Tourists are warmly welcomed in the country, so long as you don’t stray from the capital, Kigali after dark, or visit certain areas in the border due to the presence of Hutu paramilitary.

So much to see, so much to do.  One of the top reasons to visit Rwanda is because there’s just so much to see in the country.  Aside from the breathtaking panorama of the mountains, there’s a great diversity of landscapes, such as extinct volcanoes, rivers, lakes and savannahs teeming with wildlife.

Lake Kivu is your best bet for a relaxing weekend, or a week if you’re looking forward to a lazy holiday in Rwanda.  But with so much to see in the country, why waste a week lounging by the lake side?

Because there’s more to Rwanda than silverback gorillas.  Rwanda’s varied landscapes are teeming with life.  Wildlife that is, from the mountains, to the rainforests, to the savannahs.  Visit their national parks and nature reserves to meet Rwanda’s other underrated residents such as elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, hippos, and a wide variety of bird species with some of the most beautiful plumages you’ll ever see.

History.  The memory of the Rwanda genocide still lingers heavily especially among its local populace and some are still grieving for the loss of their loved ones due to one of the world’s worst tragedies.  Memorials, such as the Genocide Memorial in Kigali, the Nymata Genocide Memorial and the Ntarama Genocide Memorial provide a great insight to Rwanda’s worst moments in history.  The relics and evidences such as the victims’ clothing piled on benches and bullet-riddled roofs are a haunting and moving reminder of the genocide.