How to Travel Light & Still Look Good

Traveling can be fun except for the part where you have to pack your suitcase. If you are traveling by automobile you can pretty much take whatever you want however, if you are traveling by airplane, you have better be packing light. Airplane travel means that you have better be packing light and small unless you plan on spending extra money for baggage fees. According to a travel article, one way to see if you are packing too much is to conduct a test run in your hometown. Pack your suitcase and drag it around town for a couple of hours. If you think the load is too much, go home and repack it until you are satisfied. It is better to find out that you packed too much when you can actually do something about it versus when you are away from home and cannot do anything about it. According to another traveling article, it suggested that if you want to look good while still packing light than you have better have a plan in place. For example, some clothes you can switch around such as shirts and pants. However, there are those clothing items that should never be wore multiple times such as socks and underwear. For these items, you have better have a couple of pairs. Besides your dress clothes, it might also be a good idea to pack a pair of jeans. If your jeans are on the heavy side, then you might be better off wearing them on the plane instead of trying to stuff them in your suitcase.

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5 things at Walt Disney World that you can’t see anywhere else

There are literally hundreds of things to do at Walt Disney World. You can explore all over, and through the nooks and crannies, and find some of the most interesting things. Many of these things people know about and there are many things that people don’t know about. We have just put a few of those down here just to give you an idea of what you can see, and to wet your whistle. Go get some tickets to Disney World yourself and find out more.

Ride the animal kingdom at night

Some of the rides in the animal kingdom become an almost completely different ride at night. In fact, a lot of Disney World is like that. Sometimes it seems as if the daytime park is it different park from the nighttime one. At some attraction, such as Kilimanjaro safaris, there are animals that are much more active at night, so it really is different than the day.

Meeting new characters and making friends

There are many cool characters for a meet and greet for children. Joy and Sadness from the Pixar film Inside Out are 2 of the newest. Here you can watch the little ones have a sense of wonder as they meet all the characters they have only ever seen on the screen. From all the most modern and newest films, to the old school ones such as Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy. There are also interactive exhibits while you wait for your turn to meet them, and this will help keep you and the little ones entertained.

The rivers of light

Another new attraction is a show at night with an elaborate combination of fire, water, color, and music, all mixed together. The show is performed on large barges moving around the lagoon, mixing light and technology in new ways. Disney has always been wondrous at using light for shows and exciting the imagination. Disney has always been a leader in this kind of entertainment, from its historic electric parade all the way to heroes of light. Definitely a must see

Turtle talk with Crush

This is actually a very cool use of technology. Children and adults can talk to Crush (a turtle from the movie Finding Nemo, for those that don’t know). Children can have a live conversation with crush, as he uses a hydrophone on his side of the glass. It is very interactive and Crush can pick out and ask personal questions of various audience members. It is, of course, quite captivating. Disney has also added other characters this year that will make visits during the talks, such as Dory from Finding Dory and other characters from the movies.

Flight simulators

Disney has done some amazing things with flight simulation. Soarin’ Around The World has been around a bit, but is really fascinating, you fly to various places in the world and see them as if you were there. Soarin is fairly gentle, and you can really feel the wonder of those locations. A new ride, similar to Saorin, is Avatar: flight of passage. This is a much wilder ride with some death-defying antics. It is one of the longest lines in Disney, and that ought to tell you how much people like it.

These are just some of the experiences and travel tips we suggest you see, there are literally hundreds. Disneyworld is truly that, a world, where wonder and beauty are around every corner. If you plan on going, make sure you plan for staying more than one day, as one day will only scratch the surface.

Five Great Nights Out in Manchester

Manchester is a city that is going places, and this is reflected in its vibrant nightlife. The “Madchester” phenomenon that took the world by storm in the late 80s and 90s, with bands such as the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, has had a lasting impression on the city. In fact, it is fair to say that it has played a major role in making Manchester the hotspot it is today when it comes to attracting live music talent.

It is also an easy city in which to get around, with a safe and reliable public transport system. So leave the car at home and call a taxi in Manchester as the city is waiting to show you the night of a lifetime! From underground dance music clubs to contemporary theatre, there is certain to be something to appeal. Let’s take a look at five areas of Manchester you just have to explore.


Redeveloped in the early 2000s, Spinningfields is the place to come for a sophisticated cocktail or a fancy restaurant meal. There is a choice of great restaurants and trendy bars, including Artisan, Zizzi, Wagamama’s and Lawn Club.

In 2013, it was voted the most family-friendly location in the city, so is the perfect spot for a “safe” night out.

The Northern Quarter

If Spinningfields seems a little tame for your tastes, you could always move on to the more bohemian Northern Quarter. Here, you will find a huge variety of independent bars, pubs and clubs where you are sure to find something that will appeal.

Whether it is a choice of cask ales in quiet surroundings or Tequila slammers to a backdrop of house music, the phrase “something for everyone” was never so apt. Most of the bars are around the crossroads where High Street meets Thomas Street, but also take a walk along Oldham Street and Tib Street. Popular spots include Kosmonaut, Hula and The Mint Lounge, but there is so much to choose from, and half the fun is to make your own unique discoveries.

Deansgate Locks

This row of bars features some well-known chains, located in converted railway arches. The area is popular with, but not overrun by students and features names such as Pitcher and Piano, Revolution and Baa Bar.

Check it out, and if it’s not your thing, you can always walk the two minutes to Deansgate itself, where there is a wider range of bars and clubs.

Oxford Road

Oxford Road has a similar laid-back vibe to the Northern Quarter and is the place to come for live music. There is a huge choice of bars and live venues, and if you are looking for a big night out, then search no further than Sound Control, Gorilla or Black Dog Ballroom.

Great food, a range of drinks and fantastic live music, you’ll find it all here!

The Gay Village

Manchester is almost as famous for “The Village” as it is for the Trafford Centre. This canalside area is packed full of lively bars and restaurants. Take a wander round in the summer months, and you will experience a carnival atmosphere unlike any other. Really not to be missed for a unique night out among Manchester’s most colourful crowd.

Make Your First Alps Activity Holiday one to Remember for the Right Reasons


Perhaps you are considering taking a holiday for some rest and recreation in the Alps in the near future. What a great choice! There really is something about fresh mountain air, wide open skies and beautiful scenery to refresh the soul and the mind. To make the most of your holiday take some time to prepare your adventure. Being prepared well is more than deciding which clothes to pack, although packing the best clothes for the journey will help of course.

Alpine regions have so much to offer all year round, not only awesome winter snow sports. So give some thought as to what you would like to do in the mountains. Success of your holiday depends on planning the right place to spend your precious time and money. Not all resorts are geared for summer activities though so check out which resorts are best for different activities.

Chill out in an Alpine Spa

Perhaps you would love to relax over a long weekend treating yourself to a spa with relaxing massages and holistic treatments to soothe your jangled nerves. Quite a few alpine regions have access to natural hot springs. Maybe you can see yourself soaking up some minerals from bubbling sulphur pools followed by some vitamin D sunshine.

You shouldn’t overlook just the great opportunities to hike and wander along mountain trails. There are often small restaurants and alpine huts to be found, selling cheese or rugged alcoholic tipples. Good food with good company is always healthy

Get High on a Challenge

If action and adventure are more what you have in mind, look for resorts that offer your style of sports. Mountain biking is a great activity to consider along wide forest trails that would be used as ski runs in winter. Many resorts hire great bikes and all the equipment. Modern gearing systems on bikes mean it need not be as strenuous as it looks. Or you can take advantage of the ski lifts still operating to ride to the top and bike down.

Climbers will be able to scramble and choose routes of varying degrees of difficulty to test their skills. Rock climbing instructors are often on hand to give lessons and improve techniques

Alpine regions can be great for water sports as there are often suitable lakes and rivers just waiting for some action. Check out each resort or region that may offer white water rafting, kayaking, kayaking,  canyoning, wind surfing, and paddle boarding. Even just floating down rivers in rubber tubes can be lots of fun.

Some resorts have more traditional sports like tennis and archery. There is something about doing them in high mountain air that makes them more invigorating.

There are also aerial sports to try like paragliding or hang gliding. If you don’t want to take the time to learn to fly solo you can often take a tandem flight with an experienced pilot to just enjoy the view and take photos for spectacular memories.

There are a few Extras to Consider

Once you have made your choice and booked your super alpine holiday learn as much as you can to ensure you get the most out of the area. Consider a few things when it comes to packing as well as your clothes. Here are a few extra tips for travelling to an alpine region for the first time.

  • Sunscreen – mountain areas have clear air on sunny days so you must pack a high factor sun protection. Make sure you apply it before going out and don’t overlook places like the back of your neck and your ears or hands. Even in winter you can easily get burnt in less than an hour and will spend the following days in agony avoiding any sunshine if you don’t take precautionary measures.
  • Sunglasses – You should have sunglasses that block both UVA and UVB rays, in a wrap around style to protect the sides of your eyes.
  • Hat- one that has a brim and will stay on.
  • A basic First Aid Kit and your prescription medicines
  • Suitable gear for packing equipment for day hikes like a small back pack or a waist bag.

Make sure you have travel insurance that will cover whatever activities you intend to do. Allow for some activities that may not even have planned.

Plan to be physically fit for your holiday. If that means going to the gym for a few extra sessions or changing your routines to work out different muscles, do it. You will enjoy your holiday a lot more if your body is as prepared as your mind is to enjoy the activities.

After you have considered and researched your alpine holiday perhaps you can encourage a friend to go along to share the adventure. No one ever regrets spending time in invigorating mountain air.


Learn All You Can About Your Next Travel Destination

This is the village of Oia, perched on a clifftop at the end of the island of Santorini. Our cave house was near the bottom of the developed part of the hillside.

If you have an upcoming vacation in mind, is it all planned out and ready to go?

For countless travelers, reaching that next travel destination may seem like a major task at first (finances, planning etc.), but it certainly does not have to be the case.

For example, the Internet gives you so much information these days when it comes to where you might want to visit next.

Whether those destinations will be spots you visit for the first time or over and over again, there is always something to learn about them.

Keep in mind that many vacation spots like to upgrade their offerings over time, so things will in fact change. From new offerings to changing prices (typically higher), you need to stay up to speed on what is occurring.

So, how knowledgeable will you be the next time you starting thinking of getting away from it all?

Turning to the Travel Pros

In order to better appreciate and enjoy your next vacation, having travel professionals working with you is certainly a good idea.

For instance, are you interested in learning about and exploring one or more regions of the United States, jet-setting across Europe, or perhaps discovering more about specially curated Brazil vacation packages? No matter where your travels will take you this year or down the road, being as educated as possible about your destination/s is crucial.

Secondly, ask the travel pros if there are any regions of the world where travel is not highly recommend at this time.

While there can be myriad of reasons for such travel advisories, some of the more common ones include factors such as political upheaval, devastation from weather happenings, poor economic conditions, threats of terrorism etc. By having as many details in-hand, you are better suited to decide where you want to go.

Do You Research

For starters, you can do lots of your own research before you ever sit down to talk with a travel company.

Among the areas to cover:

  • Do they have customized packages available? If so, what all do they include?
  • How do their rates compare to other travel companies, some of which you may be interested in dealing with?
  • Do they have any money-back guarantee offers regarding their trips?
  • How far in advance should you typically book a major trip?
  • Do they recommend travel insurance for your vacation?

Whether you have a travel addiction or you’re just the occasional traveler, do your best to be educated on where you’re going and how you are arriving there.

Best Times to Travel?

Certain worldwide destinations are better off going to during particular times of the year.

For example, someone wanting to see all of Alaska’s beauty is not typically inclined to go there in the wintertime. Not only can many of the roads be impassable, but transportation just getting there can prove quite difficult.

Meantime, are you currently in a cold weather region of the U.S., looking to escape that for a week or two? If so, heading south of course is your best option.

If you like crowds, heading to Brazil for the famed Rio Carnival may very well get your attention. Not only are you sure to fine lots of people and entertainment, but the weather should be rather ideal for snowbirds needing a break from cold and snow.

Also look at what the expenses will be in going to a site that is in particularly high demand from travelers.

Although some area may not be your first choice, going there may save you some dollars, money saved while other travelers have flocked elsewhere.

At the end of the day, knowing all you can about your next travel destination is what should be your top priority.

By knowing all you can about it, you can determine if it is truly where you want to go.

If it isn’t, then turn your focus elsewhere, allowing you to get to that place you will remember for years to come.

10 Signs You’re Addicted to Travel

Is traveling is your passion and your whole reason to live? Whenever you’re home for more than a week, do you start feeling like it’s time to pick your bags and hit the road again? There’s always a new, mysterious destination lying beyond the horizon, waiting for you to discover it. But are you a true travel junkie, or are you just looking for the best place to settle down?


Image used with permission from

You’re always telling stories about your travel experiences

Whether you are on your cousin’s birthday or talking with your friends, you somehow find a way to relate your traveling experiences with the topic of the conversation. That’s why your friends can always count on your crazy stories to amuse them in a party.

You can sleep anywhere

Hotels? Sure, there are lots of very fine ones.  But if you are a true traveller, you can sleep over your own luggage if needed.

For you traveling is not about staying on a nice hotel and getting tanned next to the pool, but about exploring cultures and places you’ve only seen in your dreams.


You are jet lag-proof

You have travelled through so many time zones that your body can recover in no time. Those days where you still felt sick a week after landing are in the past and jet lag holds no power over you. Now, you only need a bed and a couple of days of rest before you’re ready for your newest adventure.

You have friends all over the world

Traveling is more than just looking at scenic places. For you the most memorable moments of your trip are those shared in the company of friends and strangers that you meet during your trip.

You never unpack your suitcase, even when you’re at home

A true adventurer never stops traveling, so why bother unpacking when you’ll be on your way soon? For you, home is where the heart is.

You spend your free time at home browsing travel websites

You don’t really care about the news or the latest best seller. All that you care is that there’s so many interesting places out there you haven’t seen yet; so what could possibly be a better use of your time that learning about them while you’re grounded at home?

You can give directions in cities you don’t even live in

Traveling has helped you develop an acute sense of orientation. That’s why you feel at ease whether you’re walking through the streets of Sydney, or catching a ride in Karachi. You’re basically a human GPS that can find its way to any city on the world except home.

You haven’t finished a trip when you have already begun to plan the next

You always keep a mental list of the places where you want to go. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting the exotic Bali, or marvelling at the pyramids of Chichen Itza; you always know that there is a fascinating place out there you haven’t been to…YET!

You keep trying to convince your friends to travel

Somehow, every time you’re catching up with your friends you always end up trying to convince them to come with you on your next trip. And why wouldn’t you? After all, every adventure hero needs a sidekick, right?

As soon as your trip is over you want to do it all over again

Traveling is expensive, exhausting and sometimes extremely frustrating; but no matter what obstacles you find on your way, you wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

Save money on your next haircut with Groupon

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Here’s how Groupon plans to take down Yellow Pages

It might have lost its lure with consumers, but most will still remember the great deals and promotions to be had on Groupon back in the day. Well, the good news is that Groupon is still alive and kicking, and it’s just relaunched itself to take on the Yellow Pages.

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You can save a lot on travel with Groupon Coupons

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Why taking a multi centre holiday is the way to go

You may like mountains, but want if your SO wants to spend time at the beach? A multi centre holiday solves this problem ... photo by CC user Kaustabh on wikimedia

While single destination holidays are still the standard in the travel industry, the multi centre holiday has begun to emerge as a desire to see and do more grows as boomers continue to retire. With all the time in the world and the money to fuel extended trips, its no surprise that this evolution is occurring, but in case you are scratching your head as to why people would want to see multiple centres on holiday, allow us to explain this trend in further detail below…

Variety is the spice of life

As cliché as it is to say, it’s true that sprinkling in different places, things and experiences in your life on occasion does a great deal to jolt you out of the funk that we all find ourselves in from time to time. While there is a certain level of comfort in going to the same old all-inclusive year after year, it can tend to get stale after doing the same holiday over a long period of time.

By spending some of your free time in an exciting city before headed to a world class beach, you get to experience the strengths of each destination, as well as feeling a sense of satisfaction that comes from varying contrasts in different environments.

If you’re stuck on how exactly how to plan a trip of this nature yourself, there are some companies that employ skilled travel agents that are experts at piecing together some great multi centre holiday ideas that will blow your usual seven day resort vacation out of the water. What do you have to lose by giving a well-informed travel wiz permission to craft together an awesome holiday plan anyway?

Satisfy those in your group with different interests

Traveling with friends and family can be an intensely rewarding experience in ways that solo travel can’t match, but it also comes with its own set of hair-pulling challenges. While some people might treasure every minute spent baking in a sun lounger, this activity might prove to be as interesting as watching paint dry for those that find it hard to sit still for longer than five minutes.

By mixing in more stimulating urban destinations onto the itinerary of a trip that also features time spent at a beach resort, you can give everyone a chance to have a portion of their journey where they really felt engaged with the possibilities and activities that lay before them that day.

Revive the memories of the wandering days of your youth

Most package holidays keep you rooted in one spot, and while there are often many things to see, do, and explore in these places, they lack the continuous movement that was part of the excitement of your backpacking days all those years ago.

With a multi-centre holiday, a greater portion of your time overseas is spent on the move to different places, giving you both the thrill of the journey in addition to the satisfaction of a world class destination.