10 Signs You’re Addicted to Travel

Is traveling is your passion and your whole reason to live? Whenever you’re home for more than a week, do you start feeling like it’s time to pick your bags and hit the road again? There’s always a new, mysterious destination lying beyond the horizon, waiting for you to discover it. But are you a true travel junkie, or are you just looking for the best place to settle down?


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You’re always telling stories about your travel experiences

Whether you are on your cousin’s birthday or talking with your friends, you somehow find a way to relate your traveling experiences with the topic of the conversation. That’s why your friends can always count on your crazy stories to amuse them in a party.

You can sleep anywhere

Hotels? Sure, there are lots of very fine ones.  But if you are a true traveller, you can sleep over your own luggage if needed.

For you traveling is not about staying on a nice hotel and getting tanned next to the pool, but about exploring cultures and places you’ve only seen in your dreams.


You are jet lag-proof

You have travelled through so many time zones that your body can recover in no time. Those days where you still felt sick a week after landing are in the past and jet lag holds no power over you. Now, you only need a bed and a couple of days of rest before you’re ready for your newest adventure.

You have friends all over the world

Traveling is more than just looking at scenic places. For you the most memorable moments of your trip are those shared in the company of friends and strangers that you meet during your trip.

You never unpack your suitcase, even when you’re at home

A true adventurer never stops traveling, so why bother unpacking when you’ll be on your way soon? For you, home is where the heart is.

You spend your free time at home browsing travel websites

You don’t really care about the news or the latest best seller. All that you care is that there’s so many interesting places out there you haven’t seen yet; so what could possibly be a better use of your time that learning about them while you’re grounded at home?

You can give directions in cities you don’t even live in

Traveling has helped you develop an acute sense of orientation. That’s why you feel at ease whether you’re walking through the streets of Sydney, or catching a ride in Karachi. You’re basically a human GPS that can find its way to any city on the world except home.

You haven’t finished a trip when you have already begun to plan the next

You always keep a mental list of the places where you want to go. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting the exotic Bali, or marvelling at the pyramids of Chichen Itza; you always know that there is a fascinating place out there you haven’t been to…YET!

You keep trying to convince your friends to travel

Somehow, every time you’re catching up with your friends you always end up trying to convince them to come with you on your next trip. And why wouldn’t you? After all, every adventure hero needs a sidekick, right?

As soon as your trip is over you want to do it all over again

Traveling is expensive, exhausting and sometimes extremely frustrating; but no matter what obstacles you find on your way, you wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

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