The Benefits of Renting a Camper Van for Your Next Road Trip

With all the hype about #vanlife and RVing, you might try it out on your next road trip. But before you take the plunge, you must do your homework first. Peer-to-peer campervan rental companies have vans fully stocked with everything you need for regional camping, including cookware, bedding, towels, and even outdoor hot showers.

You’ll Save Money

With the popularity of #vanlife and RV life increasing, more and more people are considering renting camper vans for road trips. This is an excellent option for those who aren’t ready to commit to living the van lifestyle full-time but still want to enjoy all the benefits of a road trip in comfort and style. You can find camper van rentals for all types of budgets. Peer-to-peer rental sites have everything from beautiful Sprinter vans with HGTV-worthy interiors to tiny teardrop trailers you can tow behind your Subaru.

For a more traditional RV experience, companies offer locations all across the destination you want. Their rentals are compact and fully equipped with bedding, cooking equipment, and other essentials. They also include unlimited miles in their daily rates. This makes it perfect for a one-way road trip, especially to popular destinations.

You’ll Have More Space

In addition to renting the vehicle, you’ll also have to pay for lodging and food. The good news is that camper vans are cheaper than RV rentals because they are smaller. Plus, they’re usually less expensive on fuel, parts, ferry charges, tolls, and taxes.

Another benefit of renting a camper van in Iceland is having more space. This can be especially important if you’re traveling with a partner. If you have to play camper van Tetris with each other to sleep and move around, it can start to get a little cramped after a while.

You can find options on various peer-to-peer rental websites if you want to rent a camper van for your road trip. They offer camper vans ranging from old-school VW Vanagons to newer Mercedes Sprinters and Storyteller Overland MODE4x4 adventure vans. You can also find listings on sites that offer custom luxury boutique camper vans with heated mattresses and top-notch speaker systems. Read the reviews and check out the owner’s profile before booking a van.

You’ll Have More Comfort

With a camper van, you’ll feel like you’re taking your home on the road. It’s nice not having to pack and unpack your things every time you move from one destination to the next.

You’ll also be able to stay in places you wouldn’t be able to with a tent or a hotel. For instance, you can stealth camp or boondock on BLM land. Some van lifers like to stay at traditional campgrounds, while others prefer to rough it in the wild.

Plus, you can cook in your van instead of always eating out, saving you money. And don’t worry if you have kids; they’ll love it too. They’ll probably be asking for a camper van when they grow up. So if you’re considering trying the camper van lifestyle, check out our list of camper van rentals near you. You’ll be glad you did. Then you’ll have an experience that you’ll never forget.

You’ll Have More Privacy

If you’re a fan of van life (or the combination of road-tripping, camping, and embracing a carefree lifestyle), renting a camper van can provide you more privacy than hotel hopping. You’ll bring your sleeping area with you on your trip, meaning the home is wherever you park it, rather than having to change rooms or live out of suitcases each day like traveling by air or with a car-based RV. Some companies offer a variety of campervans, which sleep two to five people. All vehicles have a kitchen, fridge, stove, cookware, bedding, and a pop-up tent for additional sleeping space. Their rental rates are based on the length of your trip and include unlimited miles, primary insurance, and bedding.

They also offer a minivan option to sleep up to four people. The beds are designed to be stationary, eliminating the need to transform your sitting area into a bed each night, which can be tedious on long trips. 

You’ll Have More Freedom

If you’re planning a trip to one of the country’s national parks and don’t want to deal with booking hotels or setting up a tent every night, renting a camper van can be a great option. With a van, you’ll have more freedom to follow where the road takes you and to stay wherever it feels like home for a few days. If a full-blown #vanlife is on your bucket list, but you’re not sure you want to build your conversion just yet, renting one can be a great way to get a taste before you take the plunge. Plus, you’re not limited to a specific rental location like fleet-owned vehicles so you can find a van for rent almost anywhere in the country on websites. If you’re ready, check out the many aesthetically pleasing camper vans. Each of their vehicles comes equipped with a full kitchen (fridge, stove, oven, and sink), butcher block countertops, passenger swivel seat, full-size Temperpedic mattress, and cargo storage for surfboards, skis, or camping gear.