4 tips to quit smoking for good

Despite years of anti-smoking campaigning, cigarettes and other tobacco based products continue to kill thousands of people in the US alone every year. 

Smoking is a habit that’s notoriously difficult to break, but it is certainly achievable as long as you have a pre-determined strategy and remain disciplined in the face of difficulty and temptation.

In this article, we’ll give you 4 great tips to help you quit smoking for good so you can lead a healthier lifestyle and kick this unpleasant, expensive habit. 

Why smoking is bad for you

Before moving onto how to quit smoking, it’s a good idea to first outline why smoking is so harmful to your body.

Whether it’s cigarettes, shisha or other tobacco based products, smoking is bad for us because it damages our lungs and can lead to lung cancer, in addition to other types of cancer. This is because tobacco is carcinogenic (cancer causing), and even aside from cancer, smoking any type of product is believed to be bad for our lungs. 

If you’ve tried to quit smoking before, you’ll know that it is very difficult. This is because cigarettes contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical, and so when you stop smoking cigarettes, your body begins to experience withdrawal symptoms. 

4 tips to quit smoking

Gradually cut down

While some people are able to quit smoking by immediately stopping and braving it out until their cravings go away for good, many people find it easier to gradually cut down the number of cigarettes they smoke per day until they can eventually stop smoking altogether. 

This is a good idea if you’re an especially heavy smoker, but it’s still worth trying to cut it out completely first as that can save you a lot of time and help you quit smoking much more quickly. 

Use nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches are a great tool when trying to quit smoking. The reason they are so effective is because they allow your body to get the exact same chemical it’s addicted to without you smoking cigarettes and damaging your lungs.

You can take nicotine in a pouch or other forms, and it may be tobacco derived or synthetically produced. 

Ideally, you don’t want to have to rely on nicotine pouches forever, but they aren’t inherently bad for your health.

Avoid temptation

For many people, smoking is a social thing, so avoiding settings where you’ll feel very tempted to smoke is a no-brainer, especially in the first few weeks of trying to quit. 

Furthermore, you shouldn’t keep cigarettes in your house or car, as this will provide you with added pressure and temptation to smoke.

Stay disciplined 

Keeping your eyes on the prize and remembering why you’re trying to quit smoking will help you stay on track and remain disciplined. It’s easier said than done, but maintaining discipline is crucial when trying to quit smoking, even if you follow all our other tips.

4 Reasons to Hire a Private Transportation Service

When you have a personal driver, a lot of life just feels different. Many people in the business world are choosing to hire this service for a number of reasons.

Whether you decide to go with a limousine service or other modes of transportation, you can unlock a host of benefits.

So why should you look into hiring a private transportation service? How can it improve your life? Below we will explain the benefits of this service for your business needs.

1. You Will Get to Your Destinations in a Timely Manner

First and foremost, you will be able to get to your destination quickly and without stress and strain. You aren’t just hiring access to a car — you are hiring professional drivers.

Professional drivers are skillful at knowing the area and finding the best routes. You can minimize delays and get where you’re going without being late. In this business world, you know that time is money, so imagine how much money you can make each year when you are always on time and prepared.

2. These Vehicles are Stylish and Sophisticated

Nothing says style and sophistication like a black limo or other private luxury vehicles. You will pull up and make an impression in a vehicle that is always sparkling clean. Limousines denote luxury and will immediately cause people to take you seriously as a business person.

What’s more, you will always be able to kick your legs up and enjoy the environment en route to your destination. A lot of networking happens each day in the back of luxury vehicles. You will make a tremendous impression on your business clients when you take a 15-minute meeting in your car on the way to your next stop.

3. They Come With Amenities You’ll Enjoy

When you have access to the amenities that come with a luxury limousine, you’ll really appreciate the craftsmanship and style that it comes with. Whether you appreciate the flooring, comfort zones, or sound system, these amenities will make you appreciate every moment behind the wheel.

What’s more, these private driver services also go above and beyond making you feel comfortable. They offer bottles of water and refreshments for you and your guests and can take special requests.

4. You Get to Relax and Just Ride

When you have private transportation, you’ll notice that you’re just not as stressed each day. You get to just relax and prepare for your day, rather than having to battle traffic and everything that comes with the morning grind.

If you have to sit in traffic anyway, it’s easier on your stress levels to do it as a passenger, rather than a driver. You can even choose a car that is equipped with Wi-Fi, you can even do some work while you’re riding.

Hire Private Transportation That Counts

When you have access to private transportation, you will enjoy the benefits above and many others. Let these tips help you as you start choosing the company to go with.

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Saving for Vacation: 8 Great Tips to Fund Your Big Family Trips

Families make lasting memories on vacations that become stories they tell for years to come. They’re the perfect opportunity to break out of day to day life and experience new things with those you love the most.

The importance of regular family trips can’t be understated, but they aren’t always easy to fund, and saving for vacation can be intimidating. If you have a large family, finding ways to afford fun trips every year can get especially tricky.

But don’t lose hope. There are some easy ways you can save money for your next trip so your whole family can have the time of their life. There are also plenty of great vacation hacks you can use to make things more affordable.

8 Great Tips To Fund Your Big Family Trips

Dreaming up your next family vacation is the fun part of the planning process, and there are plenty of great options to choose from. You could do a week at a theme park, go skiing, go to the beach, road trip across the country, go on a cruise, and more.

The difficult part is figuring out how to budget for a big trip and saving enough money for fun activities that your whole family will love. Let’s look at ways you can make your family vacation budget more manageable.

1. Start Saving Early

If you know that you want to take a yearly big family vacation, start saving a year in advance. Basically, as soon as you get home from your last vacation, you should set up your savings plan for the next one and get started right away.

The longer you give yourself to save, the more you can splurge on your trip later. Set a weekly savings goal that you can set aside without thinking about it, which leads us to our next trip.

2. Automate Your Savings

Most banks have systems in place so that you can automatically move money from your checking to savings account on a weekly basis. If your money moves on its own, you don’t have to think about it, and you never miss it.

With this method, your savings will start to accumulate in the background of your life without you having to adjust your budget too much.

3. Set a Budget

Once you decide where you’re going for your next family vacation, research the average costs per person for your destination. Factor in food, accommodations, plane or car travel, and the cost of any activities you plan to do.

With an idea of what the per-person cost will be for the trip, you can set a clearer savings goal. However, vacations usually end up being more expensive than expected, so make sure you pad your budget to allow for any shopping, changed plans, emergencies, or other extra expenses that could come up.

4. Book Early

You can get the best deals on flights and accommodations if you book well in advance. As soon as you know where and when your next family vacation will be, start booking it.

Booking early also lets you get some of the major costs out of the way so you can focus the rest of your savings goals on the fun added adventures.

5. Hunt Down Deals

If you have a big family, you can usually find deals on ticket prices for activities and excursions. Search sites like Groupon, Expedia, and Priceline for travel deals that will skim some money off of your budget.

You can also join travel clubs that offer exclusive savings. For instance, save on a trip to a Disney theme park or resort with a Disney Vacation Club package. You can find great savings on the Disney Vacation Club cost by purchasing them resale.

6. Go at off-Peak Times

For better deals on flights and accommodations, go on your trip during off-season. If your schedule is flexible, you’ll be able to save money and enjoy having fewer crowds to deal with.

For instance, try going to the beach in April instead of June. If you can’t make an off-season trip work with your work schedule or your kids’ school calendars, book your trip during the week, when flights and hotels are usually cheaper, instead of on a weekend.

7. Tighten Your Regular Budget

Look for ways you can save money at home during the year so you can add more to your family vacation budget. Pack your work lunches and your kid’s school lunches, cut down on shopping, and cook dinners at home instead of getting takeout.

You can get the kids involved and make saving money fun instead of a sacrifice. Once you know where you’re going, you can talk about each specific thing you’re saving for the vacation, like a snorkeling excursion, yo get them excited about saving for so instead of being disappointed about not ordering in pizza.

8. Reserve Accommodations With a Kitchen To Save on Food

To cut costs on your trip, book a place to stay that has a kitchen so you can make meals at your temporary home instead of eating out for every meal. As soon as you arrive, hit up the grocery store so your place is stocked. Include snacks to carry with you during the day so you don’t have to stop to buy any overpriced junk food while you’re out.

Plan a couple of fun meals out during your trip that you can all look forward to so that eating at home the rest of the time isn’t a big deal. To find places with kitchens, look on Airbnb.

Saving for Vacation: Start Now

The most important factor in saving for vacation is to start planning now. You’ll avoid stress and unexpected expenses that come up with family travel and hopefully find some deals in the planning process.

Getting your whole family excited about your next trip will help them all get on board with saving, and having a goal to accomplish together will bring you closer throughout the year.

For more travel tips, plus articles about food and real estate, check out the rest of our blog.

6 Arizona Hiking Trails That Are Loved by Hikers All Over the World

If Arizona doesn’t immediately come to mind for some of the best hiking trails in the US, it should. Within Arizona, there are national parks, national forests, and some incredible trails. 

When you’re looking for the best hiking trails in Arizona, don’t forget to consider who will be hiking with you and how long you want to be out. Many trails offer limited routes but might be more challenging than what you want. But with so many good trails, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

Hiking Trails in Arizona

When looking for the perfect trail for yourself or the whole family, you have an excellent selection in Arizona. And choosing the perfect trail isn’t as hard as you think. There are lots of resources available to help you pick hiking trails in Arizona that work for you, just like this list.

Let’s dive into the best trails.

1. Antelope Canyon

Antelope canyon tops the list for being beautiful and incredibly easy. This is one of the kid-friendly hiking trails in Arizona and offers some wonderful sites for the whole family. The hike is done with a guide, but you can move at your own pace, and it is about half a mile in total.

2. Bright Angel Trail

This is a Grand Canyon trail that goes by the southern rim. This is a long trail with a lot of points of entry, so you can choose if you want to do half a mile or if you’re more in the mood for a good 12-mile hike. Going alongside the Grand Canyon down into it is a great hike and allows you to fully see and appreciate this national park.

3. Echo Canyon Trail

This trail is found in the Chiricahua National Park in an independent mountain range area dubbed Sky Island for the rock tower structures that have formed. The Echo Canyon Trail is one of the best hiking trails in Arizona and for that area offering a 3.5-mile hike in a loop. 

4. Seven Falls Trail

This hike found close to Tuscon is a great choice for a hot day. You can hike 5 to 10 miles and end at a clear waterfall-fed pool. You might not immediately think hiking trails with waterfalls are in Arizona, but this is excellent evidence to the contrary. 

5. Doe Mountain Trail

This hike near Sedona is a great choice if you’re looking to work up a sweat in a quick hike. It’s not terribly long, but the switchbacks will keep you working while you climb to the top of Doe Mountain, which ends in a flat plateau area. 

6. Lava Flow Trail

This is one of many trails you’ll find in the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument and is a good beginner choice at only a mile long. You can see a lot of the sites the area has to offer and find other longer hikes to try next.

Your Next Adventure Awaits

There are so many more amazing hiking trails in Arizona that it feels impossible to list them all. Many of these lead to more good trails or are in areas that contain multiple routes for you to try.

No matter what you’re looking for in a hiking trail, you’re sure to find it in Arizona. And if this list helped you find what you were searching for, check out the rest of our website for even more great tips for your next trip.

Travel Injury: What To Do If You Are Hurt While Traveling

As fun and exciting as it is to see different parts of the world, there’s always a chance to experience the unexpected while traveling — including, unfortunately, personal injury. Obviously, accidents and injuries are never fun, but especially when you’re in a new, unfamiliar place. Who wants to deal with a dental emergency in a new city? Can you imagine the added stress of getting in a car accident when you’re far from home? That’s why, to prepare for and protect yourself from getting hurt while traveling, it’s a good idea to plan ahead.

How to Prepare for the Unexpected in Your Travels

While it is impossible to predict everything that could go wrong while you’re out of town, there is still a lot you can do to protect yourself. Here are a few key strategies to keep in mind:

  1. Get travel insurance. Your regular medical insurance may cover illness wherever you go in the country, but you should still check ahead of time to be sure. Likewise, consider the fact that your plan may not be applicable internationally. Confirm with your provider. Then, if you’re going to be out of the country, consider getting travel medical insurance with a 24/7 assistance plan.
  2. Practice smart prevention. If you’re hiking in the mountains, bring a first-aid kit. If you are in a country with poor water quality, buy some water bottles. Wear a seat belt in the car. Follow safety guidelines when you fly. Wash your hands frequently and wear protective gear when appropriate. By practicing smart injury prevention, you can reduce your risk of harm before it occurs.
  3. Research your destination ahead of time. Before you leave on a trip, look into medical facilities in the area where you’ll be staying. Find out where to go if you need help. If you’re traveling overseas and you don’t speak the language, see if there is an English-speaking doctor available. It is also good to find out how emergency services work at your destination — what number do you call, and can you program that number into your phone now? Taking these steps can help free you up in an emergency situation.

When it comes to getting injured in your travels, it is always best to err on the side of caution. With that in mind, use the tips above to get prepared. Likewise, take a look at the accompanying infographic on handling travel trauma. It provides helpful tips to prepare and respond to emergencies while away from home — in an easy-to-read, visually friendly format.

Author bio: Donald J. Nolan is a nationally acclaimed lawyer and founder of Nolan Law Group, which has become one of the nation’s most prestigious and well-recognized plaintiff firms. In the area of aviation law, Nolan has represented the rights of victims and families in air disasters around the world. His work has led to the redesign of several safety systems and defective components of major commercial and general aviation aircraft.

Guided Safaris vs Self-Drive: Pros & Cons

A guided or self-drive safari, which is better? The good news is that both options are spectacular and there are many game lodges in South Africa from which to choose, it really just comes down to personal choice. Let’s take a more in-depth look at these two options so that you can make an informed choice. 

Guided safaris

If you’re embarking on a guided safari (also known as a mobile safari), all the tiresome work of setting up camp and cooking is done for you by the staff accompanying you on the trip.


  1. The guides are expert trackers who will be able to identify (through factors such as spoor and droppings) where wildlife has recently been and follow the path, giving you a much better opportunity to witness these amazing animals.
  1. The guides will ensure that you have all the correct documentation to allow you into the park, as well as securing premium camping spots every night. 
  1. You don’t have to drive at all – sit back, relax and revel in the wild environment.
  1. Usually, a guided safari group is made up of people from a variety of places; you have the opportunity to make new friends with whom to share the experience.


  1. You have to follow a set itinerary.
  1. Guided safari packages can be pricey and therefore not recommended if you’re travelling on a tight budget.

Honestly, there aren’t many cons when choosing a guided safari, it’s a once in a lifetime experience. So, if you have the chance to go on this adventure, go for it!

Self-drive safaris 

A self-drive safari offers complete flexibilityIt’s an ideal choice if you enjoy camping or are on a budget. You can set up camp at one of the many sites, cook, eat and sleep on your own terms and leave as soon as the park gates open so you have as much game-viewing opportunity as possible. 


  1. You have the ability to set your own flexible schedule. 
  1. When you find a great sighting, e.g. one of the Big 5, you can stay and watch for as long as you want – the time is yours.
  1. If you’re an avid photographer constantly looking for the ‘perfect shot’, opt for self-drive. With fewer people in the vehicle, you have more space set up for epic photos of sensational wildlife. 
  1. The challenge of being your own navigator. You choose which routes to take; there’s no telling what you’re going to see! 


  1. You’ll need either rent out a pre-packed safari vehicle, or rent a normal vehicle and bring all of your own camping gear including food, cooker, power cables, lights, etc.
  1. There are no expert guides to recommend the best paths, you will have to make a choice and may, or may not, see a large variety of animals.
  1. You need to put in place safety precautions in case there’s an incident such as a flat tyre or injury. It’s recommended that you have a full first-aid kit with you, and if you’re going to be in areas with no cell phone reception, it’s worth renting a satellite phone for the duration of your trip.

The bottom line is that experiencing the magic of a safari is what matters, so whether you choose guided or the self-drive option, just relax and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding you.
If you prefer to stay in luxurious accommodation, appreciate fine cuisine and enjoy daily, exclusive game drives, Pondoro Game Lodge is an option for those who prefer a place that they can call ‘home’ during their safari.

10 Great Bike Routes To Cross Off Your Bucket List

Do you dream of seeing the world on two wheels? If you’ve always wanted to explore on your trusty bike, add these 10 incredible global bike routes to your bucket list.

Génolhac to Vallon Pont d’Arc, France

This 42-mile ride is one of the most picturesque bike journeys in the world. Start in Génolhac, a small city in the south of France, and travel through quaint villages and sprawling fields of lavender and wildflowers. A 1,600-foot climb and views of historic stone castles round out this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Mt. Evans Climb, Colorado

This route traverses the highest paved road in the United States when you bike from Idaho Springs to the top of the 14,271-foot summit. Along the way, you’ll enjoy breathtaking scenery including the Rockies, the Eastern Plains, Echo Lake and Chicago Creek Canyon. This challenging climb is about 28 miles one way, but remember that you’ll be coasting downhill for the second half of your ride.

Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina and Virginia

Spring and fall are the best times to experience this 469-mile stretch of road through Shenandoah National Park and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Special overpasses allow cyclists to avoid traffic stops, so you’ll be safely cruising while enjoying the natural beauty of this East Coast wilderness. Time to shop hybrid bikes for sale!

Leh-Manali Highway, India

Experience a world like no other when you bike this route high above the Himalayas. This remote mountain landscape in northern India boasts rocky peaks that light up in shades of gold under the sun.

Colle de Fenestre, Italy

This short and sweet 11-mile climb is one of the most venerated routes in Italy. Start in the northwestern town of Susa in the Cottian Alps, then head up this 9% grade with an elevation gain of nearly 5,800 feet and countless hairpin turns to be rewarded with staggering panoramic views.

Danube Bike Path, Austria

This flat route along the Danube River is a great choice for novice cyclists, whether you opt to complete the entire 200 miles or just select routes. Along the way, you’ll find gorgeous weather, incredible food and friendly locals along with limited traffic and the beautiful European countryside.

Tour of the Battenkill, New York

Explore rural Washington County on this 68-mile route, which is used for America’s largest one-day cycling race. Varied terrain includes dirt roads, railroad crossings, covered bridges and dairy farms, not to mention colorful fall foliage when you hit the road in autumn. For best results, look for men’s and womens bikes with wide tires that can handle the bumps.

Going-to-the-Sun Road, Montana

Located in Glacier National Park, this 50-mile route is the only road in the United States designated as both a National Historic and National Civil Engineering Landmark. As you climb nearly 6,700 feet, you’ll glimpse bighorn sheep grazing at Jackson Glacier. The route is usually open only from June to October, so plan accordingly.

Moab, Utah

This small town has a big impact for cyclists thanks to its otherworldly red sandstone canyons and desert mountains. Take your pick of miles of bike routes that extend through Canyonlands and Arches National Parks.

Alto de Arrate, Spain

Explore Basque Country with this seriously underrated two-mile ride. You’ll enjoy verdant countryside views and the opportunity to soak in local cuisine and culture.Before your journey, research the best bikes for men and women to make sure you’re properly outfitted. This is especially important when you’re planning a more challenging route.

What to Wear For Desert Riding

Choosing the right clothing for riding can be tricky. When you’re riding in the desert, it’s even more difficult. The daytime temperatures might be very hot while it can get quite cool at night. You might feel like you want to wear less gear, but crashes can occur anywhere. Here are some tips for riding in the desert. When you shop for motorcycle aftermarket parts online, choose your gear carefully for the way you ride.

Use Your Motorcycle Gear

It can feel counterintuitive to wear long sleeves and leather pants when you’re riding in the desert, but leather blocks sun damage and prevents windburn. Look for jackets with vents and leather panels that provide some air flow. If you have textile clothing that will protect you in a fall, you can use that too. The important thing is to stay covered up. You’ll want to bring a hat to wear when you’re not in your helmet to help stay cool when you take a break.

Lighter colors won’t absorb the sun’s rays as much as darker colored clothes. Under your outer gear, dress in lightweight clothing that provides breathability. Natural fibers, such as cotton, or breathable athletic gear are better than polyesters or nylons for desert riding.

If you really start to get overheated, pack some ice into your jacket pockets (unless you’re wearing leather). As the ice melts, it will wet down your jacket and keep you cooler. You may also want to pack a bandana to wear across your face if the sand starts to blow. The best UTV riding gear protects you when you’re riding.

You’ll want to wear your good motorcycle boots for riding in the desert but bring a pair of comfortable shoes if you plan to do any walking. Pack a tarp in case you break down and need shade while you’re trying to get help. Consider packing for extreme heat and cooler temperatures in case you do end up stranded overnight.

Stay Hydrated  

On average, you’ll sweat about one liter per hour, but if you’re in extreme heat or not used to hot weather, you can sweat up to three liters per hour. There’s nothing like good old-fashioned water to keep you hydrated when you’re riding. Wear a camelback or keep a water bottle handy when you’re in the desert. You need to replace the water you’re losing through your body. No other liquid, coffee, soda or tea, works as effectively as water for preventing dehydration. 

Ride With a Friend

Don’t ride in the desert alone. The hazards of riding are intensified in the desert. Your bike may overheat. You could take a spill when you hit a tar snake. Consider getting a fan assisted oil cooler when you shop for the best OEM parts for Kawasaki Ninja 250R. Take a friend with you for added assistance if you break down or crash. Some roads in the desert are rarely traveled.

Think ahead about the hazards you’ll face in the desert. Carry plenty of water with you because you cannot use the coolant in your radiator if you run out. Have the right clothing for your desert ride when you shop for motorcycle gear.

National Parks You Should Visit on Your Australia Tour

Majestic peaks, endless bushwalking trails, red-colored cliffs, and gorgeous cascading falls are some of the allurement of Australia’s National Parks. Boasting immense natural beauty and cultural significance, national parks in Australia are a must-visit when on an Australia tour.  National parks are open to the public, though some may charge an entry fee. When buying Australia tour packages, make sure you get an opportunity to visit some of the national parks. In this blog post, we share four famous national parks you should visit while on an Australia tour. Have a look.

1. Royal National Park, New South Wales

Located near Sydney, this beautiful and nature-filled national park provides a great escape from the busy life of the city. It is Australia’s oldest and the world’s second-oldest national park. You get to see panoramic views of the Tasman Sea, Wattamolla Beach, and the rich Indigenous history depicted through ancient rock engravings. The best time to visit is during the months of May to November as you’ll be able to see the Humpback whales that migrate during that period. Perfect for a one-day trip, this national park is just one hour’s drive away from Sydney.

2. Daintree National Park, Queensland

Coming ahead of the great Amazon rainforest in rankings, Daintree is the oldest rainforest in the world. From Cooktown in the north to Mossman in the south, Daintree national park runs the longest for around 450 km. Daintree National Park is a tropical wonderland of rare and endangered species with an exceptional concentration of flora and fauna. You’ll get to see a range of wildlife that you won’t find anywhere like Buff Breasted Paradise Kingfisher, Southern Cassowary, Lesser Sooty Owl, and Daintree River Ringtail Possum.

3. Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

It is one of the largest land-based national parks in Australia. Situated near the northern territory of Australia, this national park covers almost 20,000 square kilometers of the national territory. Aboriginal people have lived there for almost 65,000 years and this is one of the world heritage-listed parks. You’ll get to see many unique species living or migrating there, so, you must add a visit to this national park in your Australia tour packages.

4. Blue Mountain National Park, Sydney

Situated near Sydney, this national park covers around 140 km. There are several walking trails in the area that provide scenic views. The nearest airport is Sydney Airport and a one-hour drive from that can take you to this wonderful, adventurous park. Activities like caving, mountain biking, abseiling, horse riding, rock climbing, and hiking are available. You’ll get to see beautiful waterfalls, pristine lakes, world-famous australia’s kangaroos and koalas. Don’t forget to add this amazing Blue Mountain National Park in your Australia holiday package.

Wrap Up

These are some of the national parks you need to consider visiting while on an Australia tour. Book your Australia tour packages and pack all the necessary items you need. When you are planning to buy Australia tour packages from Ahmedabad, Mumbai or anywhere in India, book in advance and take advantage of the discounts and promotions offered by the best travel agencies. Search the web for a reputable provider of Australia tour packages.  

The Best Travel-Friendly Swimwear

One of the most important travel essentials is a great swimsuit. You want something that is going to be lightweight so it doesn’t take up too much space in your bag, dries quickly, and ultimately looks great. But finding the perfect suit can seem incredibly difficult, if not impossible. You’re either forced to choose between comfort or style, it can be pretty hard to find something that combines both! That’s why we were so excited when we found the company CoolTanⓇ and their line of TanThrough swimwear that are the most comfortable and lightweight swimsuits that also let you tan right through the fabric so you won’t have to worry about tan lines or packing bulky tanning lotions anymore. 

CoolTan has done what was previously thought impossible- they’ve created a swimsuit that lets you get an amazing tan, right through the fabric. Because of the ability to tan right through your swimsuit, tanning can be as easy as walking on the beach, boating, or hanging out by the pool. 

The secret to CoolTan’s TanThrough swimsuits is their specially formulated Microsol V fabric which is knitted to create millions of tiny pores that work to let in half the sun’s rays to get you an even, all-over tan. Gone are the days of having to worry about awkward tan lines! The porous fabric also lets air and water flow easily through the suit, helping you to stay cool and comfortable while wicking moisture to dry up to 3x faster than ordinary fabric. This lightweight, quick-drying fabric makes it the perfect travel-friendly swimwear choice because you won’t have to wait hours and hours for your suit to dry in the hotel bathroom before shoving it back in your suitcase. Plus, each swimsuit is machine washable so it’s super easy to keep clean and get out all that salt and sand to prolong the life of your suit. 

CoolTan’s swimsuits are also super comfortable so you won’t have any problems wearing it all day whether at the beach or at the hotel pool. They have a variety of sizes, colors, and styles to choose from, all with a satisfaction guarantee to ensure you find the absolute perfect suit for you. Women can choose from a variety of one-pieces and halter and string bikinis while men have the option of everything from racers to board shorts. If spending time in the water or on the beach isn’t your thing or isn’t part of your travel agenda, CoolTan also has a line of TanThrough shirts available so you can get a tan while playing tennis, golf, or even just going about your day. 

We highly recommend checking out CoolTan’s website to see for yourself just how easy it can be to get an amazing tan and fall in love with our new favorite travel-friendly swimwear. Take it along on your next adventure and come home with the best tan ever!