Top Destinations In Feira de Santana

skyline view of Feira de Santana

Visiting the top destinations in Feira de Santana is a good idea when spending a vacation in the Brazilian state of Bahia. This city earned the special nickname called “the gateway to the backcountry”.

Apparently, this city is located within the famous Agreste Zone. The Agreste Zone is a geographic region that separates the wetland area called “Zona da Mata” and the arid deserted region of “Sertao”. This city is a Spanish derivation for the compound noun “market of St. Anne” and it is obvious that this city thrives on straightforward retail commerce since centuries before.

This city’s geographic position proves a valuable asset for its tourism industry because outdoor adventurers visiting either of the two boondocks in the Agreste Zone always stop by at this city. And while there are here, they could be delayed by the following destinations:

1. Metropolitan Cathedral of Santa Anna

Anyone attempting to brave the wilderness of Zona da Mata or trekking through the dry lands of Sertao must be competent enough to recognize the difficulty of what they are about to embark into. Veteran outdoor adventurers who have been to this journey before has no cause for anxiety. But newbies might need to pray for it. For Catholic Christians, one of the top destinations in Feira de Santana to visit is the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santa Anna. This church was built in the 1800’s as a centerpiece to the fast growing market settlement and now it is the seat of the Archdiocese of Feira de Santana.

2. Market of popular arts

The market of popular arts is a famous location for a wide variety of travelers. Although the word art is generally understood in a sophisticated cultural sense, pop arts appeal to the more casual variety of people whose tastes are not so superior to any common man. Anyone would easily appreciate the stark hippie colors of illustrated images either printed on posters or souvenir t-shirts with a caption “we love St. Anne” in Portuguese or Spanish.

3. Museum of contemporary art

The Museum of Contemporary Art is a unique take on history and culture in contrary to how mainstream understanding defines it. Apparently, Feira de Santana does not have such a very extensive history and the same can even be said more of the people’s art culture. But in modern times the interest in art, particularly of the more recent genres, has caught up with the people. There is good reason to believe foreign outdoor adventurers have contributed to that behavior quite immensely.

4. Antares Astronomical Observatory

The Antares Astronomical Observatory is one of the most interesting of the top destinations in Feira de Santana. Astronomy is the closest thing to a non-fiction academic field that Star Wars lovers could hardly ignore. In fact, for a city that is often believed to be backward has some facility that is technologically advanced. Obviously, this academic facility is an extension of the Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana.