What to Wear For Desert Riding

Choosing the right clothing for riding can be tricky. When you’re riding in the desert, it’s even more difficult. The daytime temperatures might be very hot while it can get quite cool at night. You might feel like you want to wear less gear, but crashes can occur anywhere. Here are some tips for riding in the desert. When you shop for motorcycle aftermarket parts online, choose your gear carefully for the way you ride.

Use Your Motorcycle Gear

It can feel counterintuitive to wear long sleeves and leather pants when you’re riding in the desert, but leather blocks sun damage and prevents windburn. Look for jackets with vents and leather panels that provide some air flow. If you have textile clothing that will protect you in a fall, you can use that too. The important thing is to stay covered up. You’ll want to bring a hat to wear when you’re not in your helmet to help stay cool when you take a break.

Lighter colors won’t absorb the sun’s rays as much as darker colored clothes. Under your outer gear, dress in lightweight clothing that provides breathability. Natural fibers, such as cotton, or breathable athletic gear are better than polyesters or nylons for desert riding.

If you really start to get overheated, pack some ice into your jacket pockets (unless you’re wearing leather). As the ice melts, it will wet down your jacket and keep you cooler. You may also want to pack a bandana to wear across your face if the sand starts to blow. The best UTV riding gear protects you when you’re riding.

You’ll want to wear your good motorcycle boots for riding in the desert but bring a pair of comfortable shoes if you plan to do any walking. Pack a tarp in case you break down and need shade while you’re trying to get help. Consider packing for extreme heat and cooler temperatures in case you do end up stranded overnight.

Stay Hydrated  

On average, you’ll sweat about one liter per hour, but if you’re in extreme heat or not used to hot weather, you can sweat up to three liters per hour. There’s nothing like good old-fashioned water to keep you hydrated when you’re riding. Wear a camelback or keep a water bottle handy when you’re in the desert. You need to replace the water you’re losing through your body. No other liquid, coffee, soda or tea, works as effectively as water for preventing dehydration. 

Ride With a Friend

Don’t ride in the desert alone. The hazards of riding are intensified in the desert. Your bike may overheat. You could take a spill when you hit a tar snake. Consider getting a fan assisted oil cooler when you shop for the best OEM parts for Kawasaki Ninja 250R. Take a friend with you for added assistance if you break down or crash. Some roads in the desert are rarely traveled.

Think ahead about the hazards you’ll face in the desert. Carry plenty of water with you because you cannot use the coolant in your radiator if you run out. Have the right clothing for your desert ride when you shop for motorcycle gear.

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