Top Reasons To Visit Berlin

The world class street art found all over the city is one of the top reasons to visit Berlin...

One of the top reasons to visit Berlin is the simple fact that it is the capital and largest city of Germany. Truthfully however, this is not enough reason to go there. And so we bring you six reasons why you should visit this city for business or pleasure.

1) Eat döner kebabs. It is the staple street food in Berlin and more popular than the “currywurst” which so many people recommend. Costing only 2 Euros, it is a cheap way to fill your stomach. The döner kebab originates from 1971 and was created by Turkish immigrant Mahmut Aygun. He made it for his restaurant called Hasir which is still open to this day.

2) Berlin has an upbeat nightlife. Most people in the city are young and are responsible for the lively night scene. Northern Neukolin is one of the most popular hang-outs in the city but if you want the same buzz minus the attitude, Kreuzberg is a better destination.

3) Oranienburger Strasse is not wildly popular among tourists but a good place to get cheap cocktails. A thriving nightlife is one of the top reasons to visit Berlin, Germany.

4) Berlin is the historic center of Germany. Explore important sites of the Third Reich such as Lutwaffe HQ. Take a walking tour of Topographie des Terrors which displays the horrors of the Nazi era. Reichstag, the throne of the German Parliament, is one of the best reasons for visiting the city. While its original structure burned down in 1933, it was renovated after German unification. The best attraction in Reichstag is the glass dome.

5) Pay your respects to Holocaust victims. A Holocaust Memorial was set up in Berlin in their memory. The memorial, though controversial, is one of the top reasons to visit Berlin. It has a unique structure wherein as you get closer, the concrete blocks become larger; as if to intimidate you. It was designed by Peter Eisenman.

6) Berlin has the most amazing street art. Others even jokingly call it the “street art capital” of the world. For the best graffiti, walk around Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain.

Eating out in Menorca

Sidewalk patio in Menorca

When it comes to eating out in Menorca, there are restaurants enough to suit every taste, budget and ‘sensitive palate’ (otherwise known as ‘picky sod’) under the sun. Whether you’re after a cheap lunch to get your metabolism started after a night on the town, or a more substantial meal to impress friends, family or that special someone, a veritable smorgasbord of restaurants awaits you – and we’re sure you won’t mind the food-related pun on ‘smorgasbord’.

Discover the best of them here on this idyllic Spanish island, and then book yourself a flight with Monarch Airways and get sampling the delightful eateries below.

Pan y Vino

Few nationalities put as much effort into their style, presentation and taste sensation as the French. It is an attitude Pan y Vino has made an almighty effort to imitate. Serving up Mediterranean cuisine – typically with a French twist – their menu is varied, exotic and above all, sumptuous. You can find Pan y Vino in Saint Lluis es.

El Castillo

A seafront bar/restaurant with superbly sweeping views all the way out to the horizon, this minx of a venue pulls no punches when it comes to serving up good quality cuisine for reasonable prices. If you are in Menorca for a special occasion, they openly invite you to tell them so that they can serve you up something particularly memorable. The menu features homemade tapas and what the owners describe as the ‘best pizzas in Menorca’. So far, we haven’t found reason to doubt this. El Castillo can be found in Avinguda del Port d’Addaia.


The website, decor and presentation of Smoix can only be described as minimalist, but the taste of the meals is anything but. Big on flavour and bang on the money, it’s a great up-market eatery if you’re out to impress. Just be careful the person you’re trying to wow doesn’t walk off with the chef. The fig slices as a starter are particularly divine. Located on Carre Sant Isidre 33 in Ciutaedella de Menorca.

Bar Camacho

For authentic tapas, look no further than Bar Camacho. It’s often said that to find the best places, you need to follow the locals and that is certainly true of this little eatery. Good food, friendly service and wholesome tapas dishes. Camacho is located at La Calle Victori 19 in Es Castell.

Buddha Lounge Cafe

Remember to light a candle to the Buddha before you sit down in this unique cafe, bar and restaurant mix. A raised seating area straddles the nearby street, giving you a great vantage point from which to watch the passers-by. Service is excellent and the sheer variety of drinks on offer will give even the most cultured connoisseur of beverages pause for thought. You can find the Buddha Lounge Cafe on Centro Comercial Son Bou.


Tapas is the name of the main meal here at Alaska. Go straight for the appropriate menu and choose your favourite dishes. The red peppers stuffed with cod are particularly delectable. But be sure to save some space for dessert as the lemon sorbet served with locally sourced gin is absolutely excellent.


The Best Time To Visit Tulum, Mexico

Get the most out of your vacation at one of the Yucatan Peninsula’s earliest resort areas, by knowing the best time to visit Tulum. It may not be Cancun, but its picturesque coastlines and pristine beaches have made it a place of worship and relaxation by Mayan kings, clergy and gods in the early times.  And up to today, it’s one of the most visited resort towns in the country, with its famous Mayan ruins and breathtaking beaches.

But knowing the best time to visit Tulum can spare you the hassle of dealing with high hotel prices, huge swarms of tourists and hurricane season.  Here’s a guide:

Mayan ruins in tulum

January to March.  During this time, temperatures are at its peak, ranging from high 60s to high 80’s and the chances are rain are very slim.  It’s also the peak season where the ruins and the beaches are jam packed with tourists and hotel prices soar.  Though, with a little digging, you will be able to find good deals.

April to June.  During late spring, the temperatures continue to rise, but the prices of accommodation start to fall, except when the famous Cinco de Mayo festival is fast approaching.

July to September.  Hurricane season may mean low hotel prices, but it may also mean having to check the weather every once in a while.  During this time, there’s a big chance that you might get caught in a bad storm.  But even if there isn’t any hurricane or storm in the horizon, expect to have your itinerary ruined by sweltering temperatures and frequent rains.

October to December.  The best time to visit Tulum is when the hurricane season has passed and the temperature falls down to around low 80’s.  But do plan ahead.  Come early winter-time, tourists from the U.S. start swarming in Tulum during this time to escape the freezing cold of winter in the United States.  But you can save a great deal if you make reservations and book flights upon the start of the winter season.

Five Tips for Finding Cheap Airfare

When planning a trip or vacation, airfare can be the most expensive part of your planning. There are many factors that can make airfare daunting such as excess fees, expensive food, delayed flights, layovers and crowded cabins.

Honestly, there really isn’t an easy way to finding cheap airfare. To get the cheapest deal you have to shop around for the lowest price. However, there are tips for finding cheap airfare to reduce costs.

finding cheap airfare

Buy Your Tickets Early

The best tip for finding cheap airfare is to buy them way ahead of time. The sooner you buy your tickets, the cheaper the price. Keep in mind that airfare prices usually go up about two weeks before a scheduled flight. As well, airfare can be extremely expensive during peak travel times.

Oftentimes you can get tickets at half the cost by purchasing a month or two in advance. If you are booking a flight overseas, then it is best to buy your tickets three to six months in advance.

Buy Your Tickets Late

Oftentimes you can buy tickets at the last minute at a very low price. This is because airlines usually get several cancelations and need to fill the seat(s). You will have to be flexible with your dates and itinerary but it can be well worth the price. Just keep in mind that you take a chance in availability.

Many airlines also have weekly newsletters that offer last minute specials. Additionally, check sites that specialize in last minute flights such as and

Always Shop Around

It is always best to shop around even if the first fare you see is at a reduced price. There are several reputable online travel providers you can check for prices such as Cheap Tickets, Travelocity, airfare watchdog, Independent Traveler and Trip Advisor. Also check the airlines, sometime they will guarantee the lowest fares. As well, airlines will occasionally run special sales or promotions.

If the prices seem too high, wait a few days and then check them again. Sometimes the prices will go down. In addition, many major booking sites will send an email alert when your fare is at a reduced price that you are comfortable with.

Know When to Buy Your Tickets

It is easy to keep on searching for the best price and delay purchasing your ticket(s). Buy waiting for the cheapest fare is not always advisable. As you will find, the prices can vary from day to day. If you wait to long the fare prices will remain high.
Fortunately there are companies that can assist you in selecting the best time to book a flight and help you make a decision such as Bing Travel. If you are traveling in the US or to a select international destination, Bing Travel can offer fare predictions for most major cities. Another great site that offers fare history graphs for US and international flights is

Also bear in mind that most airlines typically have their sales on Tuesdays. Instead of buying your tickets on Monday, the best tips for finding cheap airfare are to just wait one day.

Remember to be Flexible

If you live in a large city with more than one airport then check out all fares at all of the nearby airports. The prices can vary a great deal. Other tips for finding cheap airfare are to be flexible with your travel dates. Sometimes a month, week or even a day can make a huge difference in cost. As well, keep in consideration peak travel times because they are the most expensive. Additionally, the best days to book the lowest fare are typically on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.